Website Development

Building an online presence usually includes the development of a website – one that your viewers will find exciting, appealing, and information rich – and one that the search engines can crawl through easily and quickly getting you to the top of Page 1 in Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings.  This requires just the right balance of creative brilliance and technical savvy!

YNS New Media Marketing has found the perfect solution to the balancing act.  Our collective experience covers Marketing Research, Creative Design and Branding, Copywriting, and Search Engine Optimization and Marketing  –  everything that you need to formulate and design a website that will give you the competitive edge in today’s challenging market.  And we’ll make sure that your website is suitable for “small screen” search.  After all, 1 in 5 internet searches come from a mobile device or smartphone.

Mobile Website Design

Browsing through a website on the small screen can be a little challenging so it’s important to make sure your mobile website is as user-friendly as possible.  In some cases that may require a separate URL for your mobile site especially if you have a lot of content.  In other cases, like a blog, some simple redesign may do the trick.  Changing from a multiple to single column layout and reducing the amount of scrolling will make your site both user and mobile friendly.  While images are visually appealing they will affect website loading time so use them sparingly yet effectively!  Check out this video for a quick overview of mobile website design.

Website Content

Whether the content you need is to creatively promote your business or to technically describe “just what that widget does”, the copywriting experts at YNS New Media Marketing will capture the perfect character, tone, and feel for your audience.  They’ll work in tandem with the web designers to make sure that search engines and customers find you – and keep coming back for more!

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