Smile!  Your customers are watching!  More than 12 hours of video per week in fact.  They watch for entertainment, enlightenment, education, and decision making.  Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 giant, video marketing can help “put a face” on your company.

In today’s social media environment, video marketing has become a rapidly-growing element of the marketing communications mix.  Not only is video marketing fun it’s a great, cost-effective way to improve sales and create brand awareness.  Watch this video and learn 3 ways to use video marketing in your business.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Whether it’s for product demonstrations, education, or brand building video marketing will attract and engage your prospective customers and enhance your SEO rankings.  It lets your customers see the personal, human side of your business.  Video marketing will set you apart from your competition.  And you’ll get other great benefits like:

  • Exposure – 24/7 on-demand viewing over multiple platforms (tablets, desktops, mobile devices, TV)
  • Ease of learning – attracts visual learners
  • Consumer influence – “face-to-face” interaction creates a personal connection and builds trust – crucial to building business relationships

Go ahead!  Let the world see the personal, human side of your business through one or more of a variety of video possibilities – on-location video shoot, a photo montage set to music, a product infomercial, or just a story to share with your customers.

YNS New Media Marketing uses state of the art digital recording and editing equipment and software to enhance your brand and propel you to new heights in search results.

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