Reputation Marketing

In the world of internet, social media, and information sharing it’s very easy to be misrepresented by consumers and competitors.  We all know that “perception is reality” and, with consumers conducting more and more online research and relying on the opinions of their friends and other influencers, negative comments or bad reviews posted online can have a very far-reaching and long-term impact on your brand, your products and services, and your future earnings potential.

A survey conducted by A.C. Nielsen in August 2011 indicates that 92% of consumers trust the recommendations they receive from people they know and 70% of them trust the opinions they read online.

Managing your business reputation can make or break your business growth and profitability.  That’s why YNS New Media Marketing is devoted to ensuring that your online presence remains as stellar as possible.  Our reputation marketing solutions and strategies will ensure that you and your business receive and keep “5-stars” on Page 1 of the search results.