Marketing Automation for NYC Businesses

Saving your sanity with marketing automation! When marketing your company online is truly looked at and laid bare, it’s hard to ignore the mountain of tasks that face you and your staff every day.  Feelings of being overwhelmed and the constant suspicion that you’re forgetting something are always present.  We all face this. Online marketing […]

Have You Asked for Referrals Lately?

7 quick and easy ways to get more client referrals Everyone is searching for ways to get more client referrals for their small business, especially in competitive markets like New York City.  Surprisingly enough, nearly 60% of us don’t even ask for them!  Customer referrals do not appear just by wishing it so, but rather […]

Google+ Local for Business

How to Use Google+ Local to Connect with Buyers Ever since Google merged with Google Places to be Google+ Local, there’s been confusion as to how to use this platform for business.  It has now become much clearer.  Companies are realizing the tremendous opportunity Google+ Local is offering, and they’re finding innovative ways to find […]

Local Search for New York City – Will Your Business Be Found?

The 5 Fastest Ways to Improve Your Local Visibility Do you have a business in New York City?  If you do, you know just how competitive the market is here.  All of us want to find ways to dominate our local search results and reap the benefits that having the top spots in search can […]