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Is Your Small Business Using Marketing Automation?

How to Use Marketing Automation Software Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that marketing automation software is mainly for email marketing.  While it clearly had its birth there, what we’re talking about is a far more sophisticated application. According to Wikipedia, Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations […]

The Power of Video Marketing

Quite often, the biggest challenge we’ll ever face in online marketing is extending the reach we have.  One of the fastest and easiest ways to do that in 2013 is by using the immense power of video marketing. The evidence is staggering:  online video has become inextricably woven into the fabric of our daily lives.  […]

Marketing Automation for NYC Businesses

Saving your sanity with marketing automation! When marketing your company online is truly looked at and laid bare, it’s hard to ignore the mountain of tasks that face you and your staff every day.  Feelings of being overwhelmed and the constant suspicion that you’re forgetting something are always present.  We all face this. Online marketing […]

5 Tips for Creating EMail Newsletters

No email newsletter? You’re missing out! Many businesses are of the opinion that the e-newsletter is a tool from earlier times, when we were all connected to dial-up Internet via AOL and “surfed” the internet like a herd of turtles with Netscape.  Although the e-newsletter may not be considered “new media”, it’s still a useful […]

NYC Business Owners, Do You Have a Mobile Dilemma?

How do you decide whether or not to develop a mobile app for your business? Mobile site or mobile app?  That’s the real question.  Do you need one or the other, or both?  Knowing your businesses’ needs, not to mention your customers’ behavior, goes a long way toward helping you decide whether or not to […]

Are You Scaring Off Your Website Visitors?

Sometimes it’s about what you don’t do as much as it is what you do. This can ring particularly true on the subject of your website design. There are many problems that can send visitors screaming into cyberspace to get away from these grievous issues. Let‘s find out if any of these sound familiar to […]

Have You Asked for Referrals Lately?

7 quick and easy ways to get more client referrals Everyone is searching for ways to get more client referrals for their small business, especially in competitive markets like New York City.  Surprisingly enough, nearly 60% of us don’t even ask for them!  Customer referrals do not appear just by wishing it so, but rather […]

Google+ Local for Business

How to Use Google+ Local to Connect with Buyers Ever since Google merged with Google Places to be Google+ Local, there’s been confusion as to how to use this platform for business.  It has now become much clearer.  Companies are realizing the tremendous opportunity Google+ Local is offering, and they’re finding innovative ways to find […]

Survey Says…

Your Customers: Talking Trash or Making You Cash? Why You Need to Know Learning what your clients and customers really think about you can be both a fearsome and instructive thing.  But in busy, competitive markets like New York City, it’s crucial to know and understand what your customers are thinking.  Doesn’t it just make […]